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You are about to register for a COVID-19 test with Bluewater Diagnostic Laboratory. Please have your university ID and insurance card ready at collection.

Before you register for a test with Uofl's contract vendor, Bluewater Diagnostic Laboratory, please review these six items:

  1. Are you experiencing symptoms of COVID-19? Stop. Do not proceed on this site. Instead, please contact UofL's Campus Health Services directly for symptomatic, rapid testing instructions: 502-852-6446 or
  2. Bluewater's testing program for UofL is only for faculty, staff or students currently with the university. Spouses and children of university members should instead consider testing that is available through UofL Healthcare’s public testing program: UofL Health's testing website or call 502-588-0414.
  3. Bluewater's testing program for UofL is only for individuals not experiencing symptoms.
  4. Do not schedule a test if you have previously tested positive and you want to see if you are now negative.
  5. Testing results take up to three days to return and you will be notified by text message or email. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will receive a phone call from Campus Health Services.
  6. Campus Health Services will not perform rapid testing for a university member whose results are pending with Bluewater.